Thursday, February 16, 2012

New girl needs sponsor--and family!!

This little girl is also brand new to the institution.

Isn't she stunningly beautiful? (click on the picture to see a full view--the smaller one just doesn't do her justice!!)

This is Sveta.

She is almost 7 years old.  We are told she has very mild diagnoses: mild mental delay, tetraparesis of slight degree.
The institution is encouraged by recent adoptions and wants to find her a family!!! They are able to recognize the light and the hope in her, and see that she would be better served by the love of a family then kept behind walls.
Their assessment of her is that she is a normal little girl who would thrive with parents!

We are hoping to get her a sponsor right away so that she doesn't suffer the shock and decline that often accompanies kids at the institution. With a sponsor, we can pad her transition into the institution, maintain her progress and functioning, and keep alive her full hope for a family!

Doesn't this sound like a great way to help out a little girl?
For less than $40 a month you can keep this little girls hope of a life outside of the institution alive.

Please contact Life2Orphans at
Please pray for her to have a sponsor and a family!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New arrivals need sponsors

These four little boys have recently been transferred to the institution and are likely available for sponsorship through Life2Orphans. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they had someone to ease their transition through sponsorship?:

Little Igor has been living in a younger child orphanage.  The transition to the institution will likely be very difficult for him.  Because of his arthrogyposis, he will be put in the bedridden wing.  So many people are praying he will be rescued.  You can see his Reece's Rainbow link here:

Brent has been waiting for a family for a long time. . Too long. Now he has been moved from the baby house to the institution. I do not know if he is walking or will be considered bedridden.  Either way, the change will be difficult for him.  Here is his RR link:

Nolan looks like the sweetest boy and is listed as having mild delays. It seems impossible that his family wouldn't have come for him yet. Now he is waiting in an adult institution instead of a children's home. There is no mention of him not walking, so I am hoping he is not bedridden.  His RR link is here:

DOUBLE UPDATE:  Spencer now has a family coming for him!!! Click here to see their page
UPDATE: It is now thought that Spencer is at a separate institution, meaning he is not available for sponsorship. However, he still needs adopted!!!!
Little Spencer has Down Syndrome, and was just transferred from his baby home to the institution. I do not know if he is bedridden or not. I know many people are praying for his adoption.  You can read more here:

All of the above children are at the same institution and could be adopted separately or together. They are at a facility where they could also be sponsored to send gifts to, or, to have an individual caretaker.  You can email Life2Orphans at for more information. There is also more information on the sponsorship program on the tab at the top of my blog that says: sponsor these orphans.

Please pray for these children.  Transfer is not easy for them.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Heart Broken

Today, for some reason, I clicked on the "In Memorandum" link on the Reece's Rainbow's page.

No, thank goodness, sweet Maxim's picture is not there.

But this picture was.

Look at this dear, sweet little boy.

For years, he lived in the same institution that Maxim does.
For years, he waited for his family to find him.

I remember always thinking how sweet and shy he looked, just like he would be the most wonderful son.

I remember that his Reece's Rainbow description always listed such minor diagnoses for him.
Diagnoses that had he, been in a family, limited his life very little.

Instead, his life was limited very much.

I remember also that his description seemed to hint that he was in more fragile condition than looks might imply.  I noticed that every time I read it.

I keep thinking that loving arms, holding him, could have made such a difference.

Children are not made to be without loving arms. Their immune systems just don't work well without them.

Wishing so much I could be the loving arms for all of them.

It makes such a difference, anything we do.  Please, if you can, provide loving arms, however possible.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This girl desperately needs a sponsor

Little Anzhela is 11 years old.
She is diagnosed with Hydrocephaly and mental delay.
We recently got new pictures of her and recognize that she *desperately* needs a sponsor.
She is very tiny.
Lying in bed, being attended to by overworked caregivers, and given the standard food rations is not nourishing her body enough for it to grow as God intended.
Please look into your heart and pray about being her sponsor.
For $40 a month she will be given a one-to-one caregiver who will take her out of her bed and hold her.
Who will spend extra time and care making sure she has the right food for her.
Who will take her out in a stroller on the veranda so the sunshine will light on her face.
For those of you who are like me, and cannot adopt, sponsorship is the most amazing thing you can do for a little one.  It is literally life changing.
Look at the difference between this little girl:

And this one:

This is the same little girl, before and after sponsorship.
Please let your heart be broken and do what you are lead to do.
For $40 I can put one tank of gas in my car.
I can buy a new outfit, or take a friend to the movies.
Or I can feed a child and provide them some of the love and care God intended.
If you would like to sponsor Anzhela, please email life2orphans at
There are also many others who need sponsors just as desperately, click on the tab that says: sponsor these orphans.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Maxim is fully funded!

Actually, right now Maxim has $6511 in his account.
That is incredible!
Last time I checked he had barely over a thousand dollars.
People have been praying. People have been acting.  Mountains are moving for Maxim.
In fact, Maxim is now on Reece's Rainbow's moving mountains page. And he is near the top!
Please keep praying. Please keep sharing.
$6511 is amazing!  But in our human eyes it still seems a long way away from "fully funded."

I can say with confidence though, that in reality Maxim is fully funded.
God never created one of his children who wasn't.
God did not create a life void of anything it needed.  God didn't even create "want," let alone "lack."
When God created Maxim, as with all of his children, he created him "fully funded," with everything he needed to thrive in this life.
Would there be a family for Maxim if he were fully funded (on paper)? I can say with certainty there would be.

I can't wait for the day (which I believe is soon) that I can put that title on my blog post and know it is true in paper as it is true in the reality God created.

Please keep sharing Maxim, so we can bring to light God's true creation.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Maxim--the name that was heard all around the world

Last night I was praying for this little boy:

 And I had a vision of his name traveling all over the world through the wonder of the internet.
What if Maxim's name could appear on thousands of computers, all over the globe, through the voice of the internet?
What if my vision could be a reality?

Could you please join me in spreading Maxim's name all over the internet?
I am asking each of my readers, even if there is only one of you (!!) to put up a post about Maxim this week *and* to email one of their blogger or facebook friends and ask them to put up a post about Maxim.
That's all. 

Let's see if we can get Maxim's name to travel all over the internet.

Why Maxim?

Because this is an engaging, intelligent 14 year old boy who is spending the majority of time in a bed in a mental health institution. Look at the picture above and ask yourself if that is a little boy who belongs in a bed in an institution!  If Maxim "ages out" he will not end up on the streets like so many of the orphans --he will end up confined to a bed for the rest of his life, as he is here:

If this is not bad enough, Maxim's health situation is considered critical. His life is literally at risk before it has even truly begun.  Please read the following from the Reece's Rainbow website:

Maxim is absolutely cleared for international adoption, however his physical condition IS delicate and unstable.  His "tumor" is interwoven in other internal organs, this is the concern for the surgery and for transport.  Families considering adopting Maxim will need to work with us and officials to make special arrangements for transportation.  This will incur additional costs, so families should be prepared for this.

I have seen so many miracles in the adoption community, I feel Maxim is meant to be one of them.

Please join me in spreading Maxim's urgent need for adoption around the internet.  

Another person has already started a facebook page for Maxim here:!/groups/207612765998326/

Reece's Rainbow has a page for Maxim here:

You can donate to Maxim through Reece's Rainbow through the link above.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Many faces need you to see them

Please take a look at all of these little faces:

These are the faces that need your help.  These are the faces that lie in a bed day in and day out with only the very basic necessities.

What if you could do something to help one of these little faces this Christmas?

You can.

Life2Orphans has a new program this Christmas called Help an Angel Fly.  Through this program you can pick one of these little faces to provide nutritional food, much needed medical supplies, physical therapy equipment, education for their caregivers, etc etc.  For a one time $30 donation you will receive an ornament with your child's picture on it, and the child you select will receive much needed care.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of these children are available for an IOC sponsorship.  In an IOC sponsorship you pay just shy of $40 per month for your chosen child, and in return this child is given a one-on-one caregiver who ensures that all of their special needs are being met.  I find it incredible that for only $40 a month you can give a child the closest thing possible to a parent--someone who cares for them one on one and makes sure all their needs are being met.  Please consider this program! The rewards it brings to both you and the child you sponsor are enormous. For a few before and after shots click on my tab "Sponsor these Orphans" and scroll down to the bottom of the post.  It is amazing what this program does for kids who have little other hope.

Please look at all of these faces and pray and allow your heart to be moved.  These children need us desperately.

When you have chosen a face (or many faces) email Life2Orphans or click on this link to donate through paypal with a note in the subject line as to who you wish to sponsor.

What more could you want for Christmas than a smile on one of these little ones faces, food in their belly, and warm arms wrapped around them?