Friday, December 2, 2011

Many faces need you to see them

Please take a look at all of these little faces:

These are the faces that need your help.  These are the faces that lie in a bed day in and day out with only the very basic necessities.

What if you could do something to help one of these little faces this Christmas?

You can.

Life2Orphans has a new program this Christmas called Help an Angel Fly.  Through this program you can pick one of these little faces to provide nutritional food, much needed medical supplies, physical therapy equipment, education for their caregivers, etc etc.  For a one time $30 donation you will receive an ornament with your child's picture on it, and the child you select will receive much needed care.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of these children are available for an IOC sponsorship.  In an IOC sponsorship you pay just shy of $40 per month for your chosen child, and in return this child is given a one-on-one caregiver who ensures that all of their special needs are being met.  I find it incredible that for only $40 a month you can give a child the closest thing possible to a parent--someone who cares for them one on one and makes sure all their needs are being met.  Please consider this program! The rewards it brings to both you and the child you sponsor are enormous. For a few before and after shots click on my tab "Sponsor these Orphans" and scroll down to the bottom of the post.  It is amazing what this program does for kids who have little other hope.

Please look at all of these faces and pray and allow your heart to be moved.  These children need us desperately.

When you have chosen a face (or many faces) email Life2Orphans or click on this link to donate through paypal with a note in the subject line as to who you wish to sponsor.

What more could you want for Christmas than a smile on one of these little ones faces, food in their belly, and warm arms wrapped around them?

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  1. Have you seen? Elena has a family getting her right now...and she is so happy and beautiful!