Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update on Maxim--and a video!!

I hope all of my blog readers remember dear Maxim:
A while back Life2Orphans did some fundraising for Maxim to 
get medical testing done for his condition of Spina Bifida. 
Megan just sent me this update: 
Maxim's testing was done and with the complications of his
Spina Bifida he will not be able to be operated on in Ukraine.
Unfortunately they do not have the medical 
expertise/professionals to access that we have here.
After contacting many professionals we found that OHSU
(Oregon Health and Science University Hospital) specialty 
clinic for Spina Bifida would be willing to operate 
on Maxim.
Then Life2 found a family that would be willing to take 
care of Maxim while he is in Portland, Oregon getting this 
operation. Unfortunately Maxim will not be allowed to
travel to the US to get this operation due to his fragile
We have a few options that we have been working on. 
One is to have a specialist travel to Ukraine and 
operate on Maxim. 
We just heard back from "Doctors Without Border"s with 
some suggestions of doctors that may be able to travel
to Ukraine and operate on a child with Spina Bifida. 
We will be checking into all options.
Another option is to get Maxim adopted and into this country
to have this operation. Several organizations, blogs,
volunteers and other loving individuals are working on 
spreading the word about Maxim in order to get him adopted.
Please spread the word about Maxim and his need for an 
operation and/or a family.
Two Non-Profits are collecting funds to save Maxim's life 
and give a family an Adoption Grant:
Life2Orphans, Inc. - Please note "Please save Maxim" -
Reece's Rainbow -
Maxim's situation is still considered URGENT! He is now 
14 years old and confined to a bed in the institution. 
In spite of this he is said to be witty, charming
and very smart. There is no limit to what Maxim 
could do in this world when a family steps forward for him. 
Please spread the word on Maxim!
Here is a very brief video that has Maxim on it
(There is another child at the beginning of the video as well).
Please place on your blogs
and let as many people know about Maxim as possible!


  1. Oh goodness, that video really touches me. Jesus, please help Maxim find a family.

  2. My sweet Maxim! I wish you were mine, but since that cannot be so I will do everything in my power to save you and find you a family here where you will be safe and loved! <3