Monday, January 23, 2012

Maxim--the name that was heard all around the world

Last night I was praying for this little boy:

 And I had a vision of his name traveling all over the world through the wonder of the internet.
What if Maxim's name could appear on thousands of computers, all over the globe, through the voice of the internet?
What if my vision could be a reality?

Could you please join me in spreading Maxim's name all over the internet?
I am asking each of my readers, even if there is only one of you (!!) to put up a post about Maxim this week *and* to email one of their blogger or facebook friends and ask them to put up a post about Maxim.
That's all. 

Let's see if we can get Maxim's name to travel all over the internet.

Why Maxim?

Because this is an engaging, intelligent 14 year old boy who is spending the majority of time in a bed in a mental health institution. Look at the picture above and ask yourself if that is a little boy who belongs in a bed in an institution!  If Maxim "ages out" he will not end up on the streets like so many of the orphans --he will end up confined to a bed for the rest of his life, as he is here:

If this is not bad enough, Maxim's health situation is considered critical. His life is literally at risk before it has even truly begun.  Please read the following from the Reece's Rainbow website:

Maxim is absolutely cleared for international adoption, however his physical condition IS delicate and unstable.  His "tumor" is interwoven in other internal organs, this is the concern for the surgery and for transport.  Families considering adopting Maxim will need to work with us and officials to make special arrangements for transportation.  This will incur additional costs, so families should be prepared for this.

I have seen so many miracles in the adoption community, I feel Maxim is meant to be one of them.

Please join me in spreading Maxim's urgent need for adoption around the internet.  

Another person has already started a facebook page for Maxim here:!/groups/207612765998326/

Reece's Rainbow has a page for Maxim here:

You can donate to Maxim through Reece's Rainbow through the link above.


  1. Did you know he is chosen as a ten for orphans kid? go to

  2. he's been on my blog