Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This girl desperately needs a sponsor

Little Anzhela is 11 years old.
She is diagnosed with Hydrocephaly and mental delay.
We recently got new pictures of her and recognize that she *desperately* needs a sponsor.
She is very tiny.
Lying in bed, being attended to by overworked caregivers, and given the standard food rations is not nourishing her body enough for it to grow as God intended.
Please look into your heart and pray about being her sponsor.
For $40 a month she will be given a one-to-one caregiver who will take her out of her bed and hold her.
Who will spend extra time and care making sure she has the right food for her.
Who will take her out in a stroller on the veranda so the sunshine will light on her face.
For those of you who are like me, and cannot adopt, sponsorship is the most amazing thing you can do for a little one.  It is literally life changing.
Look at the difference between this little girl:

And this one:

This is the same little girl, before and after sponsorship.
Please let your heart be broken and do what you are lead to do.
For $40 I can put one tank of gas in my car.
I can buy a new outfit, or take a friend to the movies.
Or I can feed a child and provide them some of the love and care God intended.
If you would like to sponsor Anzhela, please email life2orphans at question@life2orphans.org
There are also many others who need sponsors just as desperately, click on the tab that says: sponsor these orphans.

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  1. Hi I want to let you know I sponser Angela and actually got to meet her when we picked up our two daughters. We hope one day to adopt the 2nd little girl you posted the before and safter pictures of....