Friday, January 27, 2012

Maxim is fully funded!

Actually, right now Maxim has $6511 in his account.
That is incredible!
Last time I checked he had barely over a thousand dollars.
People have been praying. People have been acting.  Mountains are moving for Maxim.
In fact, Maxim is now on Reece's Rainbow's moving mountains page. And he is near the top!
Please keep praying. Please keep sharing.
$6511 is amazing!  But in our human eyes it still seems a long way away from "fully funded."

I can say with confidence though, that in reality Maxim is fully funded.
God never created one of his children who wasn't.
God did not create a life void of anything it needed.  God didn't even create "want," let alone "lack."
When God created Maxim, as with all of his children, he created him "fully funded," with everything he needed to thrive in this life.
Would there be a family for Maxim if he were fully funded (on paper)? I can say with certainty there would be.

I can't wait for the day (which I believe is soon) that I can put that title on my blog post and know it is true in paper as it is true in the reality God created.

Please keep sharing Maxim, so we can bring to light God's true creation.

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