Friday, February 3, 2012

Heart Broken

Today, for some reason, I clicked on the "In Memorandum" link on the Reece's Rainbow's page.

No, thank goodness, sweet Maxim's picture is not there.

But this picture was.

Look at this dear, sweet little boy.

For years, he lived in the same institution that Maxim does.
For years, he waited for his family to find him.

I remember always thinking how sweet and shy he looked, just like he would be the most wonderful son.

I remember that his Reece's Rainbow description always listed such minor diagnoses for him.
Diagnoses that had he, been in a family, limited his life very little.

Instead, his life was limited very much.

I remember also that his description seemed to hint that he was in more fragile condition than looks might imply.  I noticed that every time I read it.

I keep thinking that loving arms, holding him, could have made such a difference.

Children are not made to be without loving arms. Their immune systems just don't work well without them.

Wishing so much I could be the loving arms for all of them.

It makes such a difference, anything we do.  Please, if you can, provide loving arms, however possible.

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  1. I am sorry that he had to die. I do wish that didn't happen. I am glad that Maxim did get adopted. He is now Cephas. I do hope that more kids who were in that orphanage can get adopted soon.