Sunday, February 12, 2012

New arrivals need sponsors

These four little boys have recently been transferred to the institution and are likely available for sponsorship through Life2Orphans. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they had someone to ease their transition through sponsorship?:

Little Igor has been living in a younger child orphanage.  The transition to the institution will likely be very difficult for him.  Because of his arthrogyposis, he will be put in the bedridden wing.  So many people are praying he will be rescued.  You can see his Reece's Rainbow link here:

Brent has been waiting for a family for a long time. . Too long. Now he has been moved from the baby house to the institution. I do not know if he is walking or will be considered bedridden.  Either way, the change will be difficult for him.  Here is his RR link:

Nolan looks like the sweetest boy and is listed as having mild delays. It seems impossible that his family wouldn't have come for him yet. Now he is waiting in an adult institution instead of a children's home. There is no mention of him not walking, so I am hoping he is not bedridden.  His RR link is here:

DOUBLE UPDATE:  Spencer now has a family coming for him!!! Click here to see their page
UPDATE: It is now thought that Spencer is at a separate institution, meaning he is not available for sponsorship. However, he still needs adopted!!!!
Little Spencer has Down Syndrome, and was just transferred from his baby home to the institution. I do not know if he is bedridden or not. I know many people are praying for his adoption.  You can read more here:

All of the above children are at the same institution and could be adopted separately or together. They are at a facility where they could also be sponsored to send gifts to, or, to have an individual caretaker.  You can email Life2Orphans at for more information. There is also more information on the sponsorship program on the tab at the top of my blog that says: sponsor these orphans.

Please pray for these children.  Transfer is not easy for them.

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