Thursday, February 16, 2012

New girl needs sponsor--and family!!

This little girl is also brand new to the institution.

Isn't she stunningly beautiful? (click on the picture to see a full view--the smaller one just doesn't do her justice!!)

This is Sveta.

She is almost 7 years old.  We are told she has very mild diagnoses: mild mental delay, tetraparesis of slight degree.
The institution is encouraged by recent adoptions and wants to find her a family!!! They are able to recognize the light and the hope in her, and see that she would be better served by the love of a family then kept behind walls.
Their assessment of her is that she is a normal little girl who would thrive with parents!

We are hoping to get her a sponsor right away so that she doesn't suffer the shock and decline that often accompanies kids at the institution. With a sponsor, we can pad her transition into the institution, maintain her progress and functioning, and keep alive her full hope for a family!

Doesn't this sound like a great way to help out a little girl?
For less than $40 a month you can keep this little girls hope of a life outside of the institution alive.

Please contact Life2Orphans at
Please pray for her to have a sponsor and a family!!!

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  1. This girl is still waiting. Maxim and Emmitt are being adopted. I hope Sveta is next for a family!!!