Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Boys, One Fate

I have made a mistake.
I was told that Emmitt and "M" were the same boy.
But they are not one boy.
They are two boys.
It is easy to see how someone could have made the mistake.
Two boys.
Both, approximately 13 years old.
Both strikingly intelligent in spite of being given no education
Both engaging and witty, reaching out to everyone who meets them
Both with an inner light that shines through them regardless of their circumstances
Both with spina bifida and unable to walk
Both confined to beds in mental institutions.
Both in need of medical care and a family
Both able to be adopted
Two boys, One fate
One boy, Emmitt, sits in a mental institution in Eastern Europe. He has been listed on Reece's Rainbow for three years now, and has waited for much longer than that to find a family. Vistors who meet him say he still has hope in his eyes, in spite of sitting in the same crib every day.

One boy, M, sits in a separate institution in Eastern Europe. His surroundings are very similar to Emmitt's, but he has a charity group who is working to sponsor an extra caregiver for him and medical care. They are close to their goal of funding a medical evaluation for him. Who knows how close to the goal they are of finding him an adoptive family?  Only God.

Two boys, one fate.
Tied together by both their strikingly similar disabilities, and abilities. Now tied together by one blogger's mistake, and the generous prayers and donations of many others.
What will that fate be?

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