Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sponsor these Orphans

I am working on re-designing my blog (hard, because I am not a computer wizard).
Please notice that I added some tabs at the top including one that says: Sponsor these Orphans.
Click on this to view bedridden children in the same institution as M who are in desperate need of sponsorship.
Sponsoring one of these children will give them crucial one-on-one care and attention
They will be taken out of their beds and into the sunshine, given love and affection, and a chance to play, stretch their limbs, and learn.

Please consider sponsoring. It has enriched my life in more ways than I can tell you.

If you think you can't afford it, think again.

Sponsoring one of these children costs about the same as:
Dinner for two
A tank of gas
Ten trips to star bucks
7 packs of cigarettes
Three tickets to the movie theater

So the question is: what is your priority?
And is it in line with God's priority?

When I saw these children and realized how much such a small amount of money could matter to them, I completely rearrange my budget and my priority. How could I justify doing anything different?

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