Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Emmitt!

13 years now Emmitt has waited patiently for his family to find him. I am not feeling so patient today.
Please say a prayer for Emmitt today.
What would be the best gift for him?
A family.
How can you give him this gift?
Tell people about him!
Please give Emmitt the gift of prayer and spreading the word about him today. The more gifts we give the greater the chance that his family will see him.
What if everyone posted about Emmitt on their blogs today?
That would be a birthday miracle for Emmitt.
For more information about Emmitt, visit:


  1. Happy birthday little Emmitt, oh all you are missing out on. Now you are a teenager.

  2. Happy Birthday Emmitt!!! You are such a beautiful and birght soul, may that spark always burn. Sending you tons of love from far away, and hoping that your family finds you soon.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Emmitt! I hope this is the year you find a family!


  4. Happy Birthday Emmitt!!! I also hope this is the year you get a family.

  5. Happy Birthday Emmitt! You are a treasure!