Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been remiss at posting lately. . .and I have to admit it is because for a brief moment I had a spirit of hopelessness fall over me. I mean, these children's future is just so bleak. . .so hopeless. It is impossible to remove M from the institution to get medical care. . .there are so many blocks in the way. It has never happened for a child to leave his country to get a medical procedure, so why would it happen now? Only two children have been adopted from his institution. Two! Out of hundreds that live there. So why would he be adopted?
It just seems there are too many barriers in the way. Too many hurdles. Too many challenges.
But then I am reminded of the title of my blog.
And I am reminded of the glint shining out of one child's eyes.
How is God moving in him?
Is God moving to provide him medical care?
Is God moving to find him a family?
Is God moving to pull more people to this institution to adopt?
Is God moving to change the conditions of his institution through prayer, donation, and support?
Is God moving to slowly change the entire system for these children in His country?
Once, we had institutions like this in America.
Once, not very long ago we institutionalized less than perfect children! One of my co-workers worked in one of these institutions as a teenager! In barely over a generation we in the United States have changed enough to now be horrified at the idea of institutions and orphanages! Look at how much has changed.
Isn't that Hope?
I do not know how God is moving for this little boy, but I know he is moving. I feel it in myself and His call to action for me. I see it in the movement of people who have met this little boy. I recognize it in his smile and the light that still shines in his eyes.
He has a purpose, and the only way to find it is for me to start yelling again!
So here I am yelling, begging, pleading for others to spread the word.
Let's get 100 people to donate $1 and find out the reason for God's hope.
Let's be God's movement for M and God's Hope.
Do you have $1?
I am hopeful again.

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  1. Bless you for what you are doing! God knows...Just Believe...God will do the rest! I have a dollar!