Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look at what you sponsors are doing!

Yes, I am blogging again, after a long hiatus!
And it is all because of these pictures I got in my inbox.
Look at this little girl:

Can you believe that less than a year ago, this beautiful little girl looked like this?:

This, my friends is what a mere $40 a month will do through the Life2Orphans IOC program.
If you want to make a truly life changing difference to an orphan, please contact Life2Orphans at
There are many orphans listed under the "Sponsor these orphans" tab on this blog page, and there are many more not listed as well. You will truly be changing a life.

Also, the director at Torez has sent out a desperate plea for medications that will help prevent reflux in the children. Reflux is a common problem with many children with disabilities, especially the bedridden, and can lead to severe malnourishment and death. Pictures have been circulating recently of children in a Bulgarian orphanage who are suffering from malnourishment, and many of these children likely also have problems with reflux. The absolute *best* way to help a child with this problem is to be an IOC sponsor. This will ensure not only that the child receives the medication they need, but also that they are carefully fed, and kept upright after eating. If you do not feel you can afford a monthly payment, please consider sending a one time donation to Life2Orphans marked for refulx medication. You can donate at this link:

Look at the before and after picture above, and you know that whatever you do will make an impact.

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