Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look at M!

I just got a new photo of M today.

Look how well he is doing with his sponsor!
This little boy needs a home *so badly*  While he is doing well having an individual sponsor provided for him, it is not any where near the same thing as if he were in a family.
Life2Orphans also has significant concerns about his medical needs, which are simply not able to be
cared for properly in his country. M has hydrocephalus and spina bifida. You can see that his legs are constantly fixed in an uncomfortable condition. In our country these things would be cared for relatively easily.
In his country, there is extreme concern for his health and well being.
I know there are many homes out there who would be blessed by Maxim. What joy he would bring
to a family, experiencing things outside of the institution for the first time!
Life2Orphans is currently accepting donations for an adoption fund for Maxim. There is a chip-in on the side of my blog. 
What he needs most is a family to step forward for him.
Is that family you?

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