Monday, June 13, 2011

This little girl needs a family!!

Look at this amazing little girl.

This is Ira.

I just cannot get over her impish grin. Does she not look like she is full of life and vim and vigor?

Can't you just imagine the light she would bring into a home and a family?

Can you believe that that expression is on the face of a little girl that is currently in an adult mental health institution? Can you believe that in her country she is considered bedridden, with no hope of having a normal life or a family?

I have to think, looking at her face, that she knows something that her caretakers don't. That face says, she *knows* that there is a family just waiting to find her.

Ira is fortunate enough to have an individual sponsor, but what she *needs* is a family.
Are you it?
Please contact Life2Orphans

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