Sunday, April 24, 2011


This post is regarding "M" who we recently raised the funds to get a medical evaluation. I have been waiting to do an update on him until I had a little bit more information about what was happening with the money that was raised.
From my understanding, Life2Orphans has just recently wired the money to arrange this evaluation for "M."
In the meantime, we have received word that "M"s physical condition seems to be deteriorating. The last photo I was sent of him, while it contained his signature smile, he also looked quite pale in a way that raised concern for me.

Life2Orphans is doing everything they can to check into this situation and get "M" whatever medical attention he needs. They have been talking with Spina Bifida specialists at OSU who have theorized that "M"s bedridden condition and lack of movement have lead to a quicker deterioration of the muscles than would otherwise occur.
(Ok, that sounds obvious, but apparently some physical deterioration can be normal even for teens with SB receiving the best of care).
They are looking into the option of transporting "M" to the United States for medical procedures, but at this time this sort of thing has never occurred in the country where "M" is residing.

So let me get to the point.
"M" needs a family.
His situation is considered URGENT
For 13 years he has sat in the same bed, laughing, smiling, and bringing light to all around him while his body has slowly deteriorated. It is time for us to be the light givers for "M."
It is (past) time for him to get a family.
Life2Orphans is seeking a paper ready family (or a family who can easily become paper ready) for "M" ASAP.

PLEASE spread the word.

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