Monday, April 18, 2011

Made my day!

Ok, right after my sadly self-centered and self-depricating post yesterday, I got this beautiful picture in my inbox:

Isn't this just the most beautiful little girl ever?
This is a picture of the little girl I sponsor through Life2Orphans with all of her Christmas presents that I had the privilege of sending her.
What a blessing to see her not only with a smile on her face, but also out of her bed in a wheelchair! That is complete and total thanks to Life2Orphans individual caretaker program that this beautiful little girl (who has arthrogyposis) is able to enjoy her life outside of the confines of a bed now!
I am not posting this to sing my own praises for sponsoring this little girl, but to post encouragement to anyone and everyone else who would like to make a difference in a child's life. This program has changed my life and my heart in more ways than I can mention, not to mention changing the life of this little girl.
If your heart is bleeding for the orphans like mine is, yet you are not in a situation to adopt, please please please put aside self-pity (as I so blatantly displayed in my last post) and put your extra change to use blessing a child.
Stay tuned, I will be posting more pictures of children in desperate need of sponsors very shortly. We are striving to get every single child in the bedridden program an individual sponsor this year.
Please contact L2O to sponsor a child!


  1. She is just stunning. I pray her family finds her soon, she has such a light in her eyes. What a blessing you are to send her gifts for Christmas. SHe looks just thrilled!

  2. She is just beautiful!! How wonderful that you can send gifts! I want to do this..will do as soon as I get my income up a little more (which I'm DETERMINED to do soon!