Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spreading the word

God is saying that it is time to take action for this little boy!

Life2Orphans has launched a project to help spread the word about M and fund medical care for his untreated spina bifida.
This is the first time L2O has attempted to fund the medical care of a child!
How special this little boy must be to move an organization into new areas of action. Can you see that God is backing this little boy?
It is time for all of us to move!
Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can donate at least one dollar.
One dollar is a way of letting the universe know that you, like God, are on M's side.
One dollar says: I support this movement of God I am seeing and want to be part of it.
Please be part of this movement! Please post about it on your own blogs! No matter how few readers you have (like me! ha!) it is another way of saying: I move with God in this matter.
This little boy may have God on his side, but he still needs us!
Sometimes our prayers move God to action; and sometimes our prayers cause God to move us to action.
For me, this is one of the latter times.
Look at the little boy's face at the top of this blog. Look at the picture at the bottom of this post.
Don't turn away. That is all I ask of you. Truly look and don't turn away.
Then, as you feel moved please donate in my chip in at the right or on the life2orphans website.

And please pass on the word!!!!!!
Here is more information about their project


We are very lucky here in the USA. Not only do we have most of the world’s best Doctors and can get tested for a diagnosis and treatment, but we can get the medication or maybe an operation we need to help us get better. Not everyone has that luxury.

There is child named M

M has Spina Bifida. He needs an operation to help him walk.

What we know: He cannot have this operation done in his region and probably nowhere in his country.

1. There are no doctors and no money to perform procedures on children with spina bifida in his country.

2. There are no CT scanner in their hospitals they have only an outdated x-ray machine.

3. All tests need to be done by private companies as the government will not pay for children like M.

So, the questions is: What can YOU do to help M get his operation?

Give a monetary donation. This will help:

1. Pay for a place to stay outside of the country for M and a Nurse.
2. Driver/Gas to Locations and back and forth for tests and back to his Institution
3. Nurse to travel with him
4. Place to Stay/Food…
5. Any X-rays, CT scan, MRI…
6. All other Tests Needed

M really needs our help. He could be the first of many children that could receive a test or procedure because of your love and generosity.

It’s all up to you!
You can make the difference in this child’s life forever. You can help him walk across the floor to play with his friends. You can change this little guy’s world so that he is smiling and not in pain.
If you are interested, please contact or donate online at and help M today!

*****As a note…the other great and wonderful choice is….Are you ready?
He is available for Adoption and it would be incredible, if we could get him to the United States to have this operation and have his forever mommy and daddy to be there with him all the way!!!!

No money you donate will go to waste, because this is an amazing organization that literally brings life to the orphans of this institution. However, I really believe deep in my heart, that the best option for M is for him to be adopted!!

Please spread the word. Here is why M needs our help:

Nuff said

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