Thursday, December 23, 2010

The $1 Drive

I am launching a $1 drive for M's cause.
Why $1?
One thing I have been learning lately is that every thing we say and do is a form of prayer. Prayers do not just begin "Dear God. . ." and end in "Amen." If you think about it, that would actually be a very limited way to communicate with God.
Of course, God had a greater plan than that.
We are in communion with God constantly whether or not we are kneeling down in prayer. When we say to someone: "You look like you are having a rough day, let me help you with that," that is a prayer spreading love and kindness and moving us in the direction of our loving creator. On the other hand, when we are in a bad mood and say to our spouse "I can't believe you did that! What were you thinking?" that is a prayer too and also moves us in a certain direction. Recognizing all of our words and actions as prayers is a big responsibility, but also a crucial step in our communion with our heavenly creator.
By the same token, one thing I have come to realize lately is that the money we spend also acts as a powerful prayer and moving force in our lives. Money is essentially a form of energy, and where we put our energy speaks very loudly to our creator. Every time we put money towards a cause that God is moving with, it is essentially a prayer, or a statement, saying "Look Universe, I recognize this movement of God and want to be a part of it."
On the other hand, if we put our money into fancy clothes, a fast sports car, and Star Bucks, we are essentially saying "Ok Universe, I see this movement of materialism, and I actually kind of like it. In fact, I'd like to join in. Move me in that direction."
Think about it, money is energy and action combined--that is a very powerful prayer!
Realizing this has made me much more conscious of where I put my money.
The good thing about this recognition, is realizing how much of a change you can make with even small amounts of money.
I often recognize that my small donation to a cause is not going to provide enough cash to make the difference in whether a project succeeds or fails. However, in my putting money into a cause, I am essentially saying a prayer that not only moves me in the direction of God, but also adds my energy and prayer to the cause, and pulls other people closer to the cause as well. So in donating small amounts of money, I can still be a key part of God's movement.
The whole point of all of this:
This is why I am launching a $1 drive.
Because it is something everyone can afford, but is also a strong message and prayer to God on M's behalf.
If I can get multple people to donate $1 towards M, we have created a prayer in both word and in action. We have put strength in God's movement. We have lended our prayer to God's powerful force.
How many people can we get to move with God for M?
How many people can we get to donate $1?
I don't know, but I am excited to find out.
Please spread the word!
You can donate at the chip in to the right, or at Make sure you write in the message box that it is for M's medical care!

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