Sunday, December 26, 2010

How can anything else be important

Christmas is always a time for me when I evaluate what is important in my life, and, in spite of the sweeping materialism it has come to represent in our society, I always reach the conclusion at this time of year that material things are not what is important to me. This year has been no different.
This year what is important to me are the children left behind, the little souls waiting patiently for us to move on God's behalf. This year, what is important to me is one little boy who has been waiting too long.
How could anything else be important?

Here is something I wrote, thinking of this the other day:

Today, somewhere across the world a little boy sits in a bed with no medical care and no way to leave the walls of the institution, no family's arms to hug him or hold him, no mother to tuck him warmly into bed at night. He hurts phsycially, with no one to hold him.

How can anything else be important?

Today, somewhere in another country, a baby lies in its own urine and feces, with no one to pick her up and change her, or hold her and give her love. She doesn’t cry, because she has given up on crying. No one has ever heard her. Will you?

How can anything else be important?

Today, in our own country, a child lies in a bed in his fourth foster home in three months with bruises hidden underneath his clothing. He does not tell anyone, because he is tired of packing his things and moving. No one can see the scars that are being left on his soul. Can you?

How can anything else be important?

Yesterday my truck broke down and I had to pay $100 to get it fixed. I was late for an appointment and I didn’t have time to buy Christmas presents for my family like I had planned. A friend called and canceled a date that we had.

How can that even be important?

Once God has shown you what is important, it is amazing the things that don’t seem important any more. Try it. Ask God to show you what he thinks is important. Ask Him to burden your heart with the things that burden His. See how your world is changed. See what He sees.

How could anything else be important?

Merry Christmas! And a million thank you's to the people who have contributed 25% of the money needed for Emmitt's medical evaluation!
My Christmas wish is for at least 100 people to donate at least $1. God has never let me down. And so the $1 drive continues.

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