Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Girl Lost


That's what I am tonight.

Aching for one beautiful little girl.

You see, for months now I have been praying for beautiful Elena.
Elena has cerebral palsy and is available for adoption on Reece's Rainbow. On her listing it says she is an orphanage favorite.
Looking at her picture, it is easy to imagine doting workers rocking her and holding her, cuddling her and singing to her. It feels urgent to find her family so that she doesn't get transferred to an institution, but
 not as urgent as it could.

This is Elena as she could be at home with her family. This is the beautiful little girl who one adoptive parent wrote to me describing as "STUNNINGLY beautiful," and said that "when she smiled you felt like the whole world would be okay."

This is the picture of Elena I have had in my head when I pray about her, or dream about her sitting on her mommy's lap with long wavy hair.

But this picture below is also Elena (please click to enlarge full size):

Oh my lord.

Oh my sweet child.

Does your heart stop when you look at this picture like mine does?

Does the whole world stop?

Somebody please go get this little baby.

What else on earth could possibly be important other than getting her out from behind those bars and into her parents arms where she belongs?

I do not have a facebook account, but many of you do.
Please post these pictures on facebook.
Please put them on your blogs.
Please show them to everyone you know.
I know that Elena's mommy will never be able to leave her there once she sees her little girl waiting for her like this.
The world will stop for her like it has for me, and she will do everything she can to go get her little girl out from behind bars.

Praying until then.

(Oh, P.S. you can donate to Elena's adoption fund in the chip in on my blog, or at  )


  1. Poor sweet baby!! Praying for her to find her family!


  2. I'm praying so hard! She looks so sad... an orphange is not where she belongs. I seriously can't wait until I'm 25 and can adopt to give hope to a child in need. I love Elena already :)

  3. Just posted this on my Facebook heart is aching for this little girl.....Daelyn R.

  4. you will not believe this, but my husband & i are in the process of adopting Lena! a friend sent me the link to this blog post & i love seeing a few pictures that i haven't seen before...she looks younger in those. we would love to connect with you & share more of our story. email us at or check out or
    really amazing to get on here & see folks praying for her, too!:)
    ginny mooney